Take a sneak peek behind the scenes of our photoshoot with Hawaii based photographer Ashley Guzman and Australia based makeup artist Reanin Glah. We teamed up with this duo, alongside models Sami Williamson & Michaela Spaulding, for an awesome day of content creating!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     After some location scouting, we decided on a secret little spot on the island of Oahu. This location is a dream. It's got beaches, mountains, and oozes tropical goodness. Although the weather was overcast during our shoot, Ashley still managed to find the light and score some killer shots! This babe is the epitome of talent, a positive spirit, hard work and a super friendly nature all at once.                                                                                                                    

Check out more of Ashley's work on her Instagram @ashleydiscovers!



                                           Reanin had a bag of tricks which she hauled here from Australia on a week long work trip and we we're so happy should could fit us in! When you're shooting at the beach and the power outlet you thought would work fails you, you just wing it. She popped some product in Michaela's hair to get that dreamy beach look, and used our ever so reliable Barefoot Blonde Hair Extensions to add some volume to Sami's luscious locks. 


Find out more of Reanin's style tricks and tips on her Instagram @reanin.glah!

We loved working with Michaela and Sami, they are both down to earth, kind, and easy going. We found Sami a few years ago on social media, on her IG @alohasami. In one of her latest posts wearing Cambria she sums up what it means to be part of our bikini loving girl gang. "Cheers to all of you ladies out there showing what you're made of!" In Michaela's (@michaelaspaulding) latest IG post wearing Cambria she let's the world know how we're all felling out here in Hawaii... "so damn happy to be living on this breathtaking island."


To see more of Ashley's photos from the day, check out our Instagram!

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