Bikini Care

  • Hand wash with a mild detergent or a bikini wash like this one in cold water only.
  • Hand wash only! Washing your suits in the machine leaves a high risk for color bleeding and thread pulling. 
  • Hang dry or lay flat in the shade to dry. We use these super cute hangers for drying and we absolutely love them! If you blow dry your suit, be sure to use cool air!
  • Do not tumble dry, dry clean, iron or use bleach on your swimsuit.
  • Avoid contact with rough surfaces as it can cause fabric pulling.
  • High amounts of chlorine, salt water, and sun exposure can ruin your suit, make sure to wash immediately after each use. Don't leave your bikini rolled up wet. 
  • Certain tanning oils, sunscreens, and fake tan may stain or damage the fabric so be careful when applying!